La Pinta
Galapagos Islands
48 Guests
27 Crew
Safari Explorer
36 Guests
15 Crew
Safari Quest
Alaska, Pacific Northwest
22 Guests
10 Crew
SS Legacy
Columbia & Snake Rivers
90 Guests
35 Crew
Safari Endeavour
Mexico's Sea of Cortes
88 Guests
35 Crew
Safari Voyager
Latin America
66 Guests
30 Crew
Wilderness Explorer
74 Guests
28 Crew
Wilderness Discoverer
76 Guests
28 Crew
Wilderness Adventurer
60 Guests
27 Crew

From your very first inquiry, expect personalized service and expertise—and a host of benefits that make us unique.

Small group travel—from the ship itself to groups of a dozen or so afield—puts you in on the action (not watching from afar), with AHA! and “I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-that” moments around every corner.

Seriously—they’re aces. Our guides have vast and deep experience, plus an impressive collection of advanced degrees in curiosity-peaking subjects from whales to fungi to geology. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Boats are comfortable, welcoming, and unique in style and personality. All are adventure-ready for gearing up, kicking back, and mixing and mingling.

Do as much or as little as you like. On top of the daily activities, ease into the day with sunrise stretches on the top deck. There’s exercise equipment at the ready, anytime. Or just watch the landscape go by.

Kayak or paddle board. Snorkel or skiff. Beach stroll, hike, or mountain goat climb. There are plenty of options and equipment for everyone to join in the fun.

You didn’t know it would be this good. Chefs (including pastry chefs) impress meal after meal with locally sourced ingredients, swoon-worthy desserts, and baked-on-board breads.

An astounding array of beverage options, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic (signature cocktails every night!), mean you’re never far from a toast. And it’s all included.

What most defines your trip is included in the fare—excursions, adventure equipment, transfers, and baggage handling. Put your wallet away (until it’s time to recognize your topnotch crew).

Dietary restrictions? Special occasion? Need a little extra help on a hike? It’s our business to make sure your adventure not only matches your needs and expectations, but surpasses them. Just ask and we’ll do our best!

We’re all in the same boat. Crew and guests alike, wide-eyed with wonder and childlike curiosity—and it shows. The excitement. Laughs. Collective energy. Then hug it out at the end of your adventure.

Check out Uncruise for you Alaska Adventure!

Why Us?

Our definition of Un-ness: Breaking away from the masses. Challenge. Freely used to release, exemplify, or intensify a force or quality. To engage, connect, and explore unique places, oneself, and with others on a most uncommon adventure.

Small ships, BIG adventures

Welcome aboard. After a crew member gives you a quick tour of your cabin, take a stroll around the ship and head to the lounge for a glass of bubbly and to meet your shipmates. Then you’re off on an all-out active experience, thanks to our uncompromising commitment to going places and doing things others can’t. Small ships—hosting 90 guests, tops—fulfill unimpeded excitement about truly getting in the wild with a few nature-leaning souls.

No matter how you travel—with a companion, family, solo, or in a group—connection, place, and adventure are at the heart of your exploration. Uncover hidden treasures, meet locals (the human, feathered, and wild-and-woolly ones), and learn while having fun. Change the way you see the world.


Meet your tribe. From solo adventurers to families, travelers share attitudes: enthusiasm for exploration, eagerness to discover, and readiness to unwind. And with an openhearted crew leading the charge, there’s never a lack of expertise, and everyone is at ease.


The only sounds, a kittiwake’s call or an oyster catcher’s whistle, a calving glacier or the splash of a breaching whale. We go deep, listen to the locals (even howler monkeys!) and opt for remote corners. Use all your senses to discover a place.


Kayak in a quiet cove eyed by an eagle. Snorkel with sea lions nibbling on your flippers. From kayaking 101 to your first time on a paddle board, your expedition team helps you find the right fit and is ready to lend a hand.

Sailing Locations

  • Alaska / Pacific Northwest
  • Columbia & Snake Rivers
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Latin America



  • On Board Dining
  • Drink package
  • Water Sports
  • Excursions

Inclusions may change from ship to ship based on availability.  


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