You have said NO to travel protection!

Did you get here by mistake?

Just kidding, but we would like one last chance to explain travel protection, and why it’s important before you make you final decision. 

It’s not just about if you go on the trip or don’t. 

  • Medical coverage
  • Lost Luggage
  • Missed or delayed flights
  • Identity Theft
However if you still dont want coverage, no worries, please just fill the form on  the left and click the Submit buttin. 

Hey, we tried our best and if you are still saying no, I can say I tried. 

If you decide to change your mind and get coverage, know there is a deadline to purchase.

Fill this out to DECLINE coverage.

NOTE: As a policy TOTO  Vacation will not proceed forward with booking your trip, without this form being filled out.  While we respect your choice to not purchase coverage, we must show proof that it was offered.  By clicking the Submit button you acknowledge you have received our offer and chosen to decline. 

Top 5 reasons people use travel protection

  1. What if you need to cancel your trip?
  2. Sickness or injury before or during a trip
  3. Adverse weather and natural disasters
  4. Travel delays or interruptions
  5. Lost, stolen or delayed baggage

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