Are you a big deal?

Are you a influencer? Do you like to travel?

Let T.O.T.O. Vacation help you use one to get the other. Group travel will allow you, as an influencer, invite your followers to join you as you travel the world.

Get enough followers, and we can refund some or all of you travel costs.

You and your followers can enjoy a vacation of a lifetime, and you can travel simple because they followed you! 

I know, How does it work you ask. 

Simple, Contact TOTO Vacation and set up a cruise, all Inclusive Resort or Tour vacation. Then let your followers know you are traveling and invite them along.  If as few as 10 people follow you, we can refund a significant portion of your up front costs once everyone travels!



But do you have 100k followers that will travel with you?  We need to show the suppliers that you can travel and can consistently get enough people to follow you to warrant them extending the credits up front. Until that point ( and it varies from supplier to supplier) we can only refund travel expenses  after the trip happens. The more you get to follow,, the more of your upfront costs we can refund. Don’t worry, you will know exactly what will be refunded from the start, and exactly how many people you need to join you to make it work. 

Mostly no, but to get a consistent following, you need to set some time up and spend it with them.  A meet and great, a cocktail party perhaps a dinner.  We will help you establish clear expectations about when and where you will be available to socialize, and when  you can ask followers to give you space to vacation! 

Most travel companies provide the refund within a few weeks after the travel dates. However  we can identify when you can expect the refund, and the conditions for  the refund when we set the travel dates and destination. 

Then you get a fairly priced vacation and can show your followers what they missed for your next travel experience! Sill a win-win!