How can you travel when you have a fixed income?

One statement I see a lot is someone dreaming about travel, but they just don’t have the money. 

I see it on my Ireland Facebook group all the time. 

“I have always wanted to go to Ireland, but I just cant afford to do it. “

There is a way to travel to Ireland ( or anywhere ) without having to pay a lot of money upfront or all at once! Which when push comes to shove is the real issue. People just can drop a couple thousand bucks down today for a trip next year.  However many tour companies and cruise lines have something similar to a layaway program.  Reserve a spot with a little money down, and then have a final payment date a few months before travel!

  •  Often times, you can include airfare, meals excursions and other additional activities in your plan so when you ready to travel, everything is paid for. 

My wife and I have cruised several times and come home with little more spent than tips and the few souvenirs we picked up. Everything else was paid for months before travel using monthly payments, a tax return or a bit of many saved here and  there.

  • An additional benefit many people don’t know about is many of the tour companies and cruise lines offer full refunds/ credit if you have to cancel before you can travel. Note: There ARE restrictions on every offer!

We were going to cruise Alaska and had to postpone  the cruise, and was able to take everything we applied towards our cruise, and just move it forward to the new cruise dates. 

  • Knowing the ins and out of the payment policy is important, and every tour and cruise line is different, so get a Travel Agent to help you. plan your travel escape and then plan your trip to Ireland, or your cruise without having to come up with everything up front!
  • Very few people are aware of Self Drive tours, These are very much like you booking hotels and activities yourself, except the tour company has everything is already established and ready for you.  You get consistent quality of hotel, car rental is often included and excursions/ Activities can be included or scheduled for you.  All without the tour bus! These can be offered with the same layaway concept available as a traditional tour. However there may be some gotchas with the car rental you need to know about. So work with a Travel Agent to ensure you understand what the small print is saying. 
  • Every travel style can be accommodated with these type of programs,  small upfront payment ( sometimes as low as $50 or $100 per person) and then the balance due a few months before your travel date. 
  • Group travel  can be accommodated with these programs as well and no one in the group needs to watch money. Your Travel agent can manage payment with the Tour or Cruise line for everyone involved, so you can focus on your vacation!


T.O.T.O. Vacation Specializes in cruises and Ireland Tours. We work with travel suppliers that offer outstanding payment programs and can help find a destination and payment option that will work with your budget. if your traveling alone or with a large family church or other group TOTO Vacation can help plan and manage your trip, so you can simply enjoy your vacation!. 

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