Excursions / City Trips and Day Activities

Cruise Excursions

Going on a cruise and looking for alternate excursions to what the cruise lines offering? 

Shoretrips is a premier excursions provider and often will have the same, or better excursions than provided by the cruise line at a better price.  

I recommend Shore Trips to all my clients, and they are the first place I look for my excursions!

City Trips / Day Activities

Heading out of town and wand to see what the city offers? 

Check out Shore Trips and see what they have to offer!  


Travel Protection

I have often said I dont sell travel,  I can help you decide where to go, give advise on when to go, but Travel really sells itself.  What I do ‘Sell’ to my clients is Travel Protection. A few extra dollars spent now can save the investment you have placed on your vacation! travel protection can protect your money if:

  • Injury or sickness prevents you from travel
  • Flight Delays
  • Injury or sickness while on the trip
  • lost luggage
  • So much more.
Look at the travel policies offered by CSA. They are my preferred supplier for travel protection and I use them exclusively on all my trips. 

Get travel insurance from CSA Travel Protection

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