Emerald Waterways


Emerald Star, Sky, Sun
Dawn & Destiny
Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle
180 Guests
72 Crew
Emerald Liberté
Rhône and Saône
136 Guests
47 Crew
Emerald Radiance
Douro Region
112 Guests
56 Crew
Emerald Harmony
84 Guests
42 Crew
MS Lastavica
Dalmatian Coast
36 Guests
18 Crew
Sails in 2020
MS Lastavica
Dalmatian Coast
36 Guests
18 Crew
Sails in 2020
MS Swallow
Dalmatian Coast
36 Guests
18 Crew
Sails in 2020
MV Adriatic Princess
36 Guests
18 Crew
MV Adriatic Pearl
Croatia’s Adriatic coastline
36 Guests
18 Crew
MS Hamees
142 Guests
72 Crew
MS Rossia
224 Guests
110 Crew

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Danube Delights​

JOIN US The Emerald Waterways ‘Danube Delights’ is an unforgettable cruise along the Danube and through the heart of old Europe. Walking tours, invitations into

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Founded by an Australian-based company, Scenic Tours, which started in 1986 as a coach tour company serving Australia. By 1995 the company had grown well past it’s homeland borders and had become a world-wide tour company.

In 2005, Scenic began to charter river cruise ships for its guests traveling in Europe and in 2008, the company launched an upscale river cruise line with its own ships, branded as “Scenic Space Ships.” While Scenic’s luxury brand catered to travelers who were seeking upscale river cruise experiences, the company also saw a need to serve the less-affluent (and possibly younger) travelers. Like the Scenic brand, Emerald Waterways has custom-crafted vessels referred to as “Star Ships” that began sailing on a few of the European rivers in early 2014.

Glen Moroney, the owner of Scenic, said that Emerald is a “four-star product operating on five-star hardware.”


​Emerald Waterways is a perfect fit for River cruises that:

  • Are fairly active; want to get out and SEE the places they are visiting
  • Are happy with  wine beer and soft drinks with  lunch/dinner.  
  • Are happy with the one (at least) included tour in port, or willing to purchase of additional tours (2-3 per itin offered) are fairly priced as is liquor, if desired
  • Enjoys bicycles, activity directors, occasional yoga, walks; stay busy
  • Enjoys traveling like-minded individuals; tend to ‘hang out’ in evening time making new friends, up on deck, enjoying scenery and reviewing the day/next day
  • Food and service is important but not the end of the world….know that special requests, provided in advance, are easy to provide
  • Enjoy exploration, new friends; we have Australians, Canadians and Brits traveling with us so prepare to talk international and brush up on trivia
  • With the pool that turns into a theatre and the upscale contemporary feel – we attract a ‘young minded’ mid $ traveler who is more of a traveler than a tourist
  • Value, value, value  mostly all inclusive and you CAN get off an Emerald ship without spending any $ at all! 


  • Danube
  • Main
  • Moselle
  • Rhine
  • Rhône
  • Douro
  • Mekong
  • Nile
  • Volga

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