Destination 'Cruise' Weddings

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When should you chose T.O.T.O. Vacation 
to help organize your Destination Wedding?

    • Planning a Cruise or Cruise Port Wedding – We Specialize in Cruises!
    • If you looking for something special, but want to be cost conscious about the wedding. 
    • If you against paying a large ‘Wedding Consultation’ fee!

A wedding vacation on a cruise is a terrific alternative to paying for an all inclusive or resort for your wedding. Cruises are hosting weddings on a very frequent basis. (We have seen at least 1 wedding party on each of our last several cruises).  When you start to look at what included with a Cruise wedding and the costs involved.  

Destination Wedding Statistics

  • Nearly 25% of couples have a Destination Wedding!
  • Average Wedding Budget $20,890
  • 70% of Destination Weddings take place inside the U.S. (IE not international)
  • Average Number of Guests – 89
  • Average in Wedding Party – 10-12
  • 16% of couples get engaged in December
  • June is  the most popular month to get married (17%)
  • 68% of couples send a Save-the-Date, 28% of those send date online vs postal mail. 
  • 51% of Destination Wedding couples use a Wedding Planner of some sort. 
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