Cruise Planning

We specialize in cruises, and understand the details and steps needed to make your cruise vacation memorable,  cost effective and headache free.  if you are planning your first cruise, or your hundeth, TOTO Vacation is here to help!

 What exactly is a cruise planner ?   

    • Someone to help you plan a cruise vacation for you and everyone in your vacation party. 

What kind of Cruise packages does T.O.T.O. Vacation plan?

    • Couples on a getaway or planned vacation
    • Multiple rooms for friends / family vacations (2-5 rooms)
    • group travel (5+ rooms) , like family reunions, church retreats, business getaways, larger family trips

What does a cruise planner do for me? 

    • I help pair your vacation wants and needs for the trip with a cruise vacation that fits your travel style
      • Pricing – How to budget for a cruise and not get unexpected bills as you exit the ship!

      • Family friendly cruises and cruises for just the adults. 

      • Expanded Port Day activity options

      • Destination Picker – let me give you destination options.

What does T.O.T.O. Vacation  charge for Cruise planning?

    • I get paid exactly the same way one of those online booking websites. When you book thru me, the cruise line pays me for the booking. 
    • There are a few circumstances where T.O.T.O. vacation would ask for a service fee, and usually only for services outside travel, flight only bookings, or when you want T.O.T.O. Vacation to be on hand to guide your cruise.  


Can T.O.T.O. Vacation get me a better deal on a Cruise. 

    • The reality is,there are no ‘deals’ on cruises. While the up front cast may seem better, when you get off the ship and see what you spent, T.O.T.O. Vacation will be the same price (or extremely close) as everyone else.  Many places offer a better upfront cost, but once you add in the port charges, service fees and everything else they don’t count as the ‘cruise cost’. It’s all the same. 

Why should I use T.O.T.O. Vacation, when those online website seem so easy.

    • They are easy, until you have a question you can’t find an answer to.  At T.O.T.O. Vacation, you have my email and phone number and I respond quickly. 
    • I am a small business, that means I don’t have thousands of client to care for at any given time.  I typically only have a small handfull of clients to care for at any given time. That means when you need my attention, you have it. 
    • Available while you travel – While you are traveling, I encourage you to call me with any travel emergencies.  That allows me to work  the emergency, while you take care of you and you travel party.  This often lead to much quicker results than you trying to resolve the issue while on vacation!
    • You not going to pay more for T.O.T.O. Vacation services.  We have yet to find a cruise vacation package where we couldn’t offer a competitive price. 

All we ask is if we help you plan your vacation, you give us the opportunity to book it. As mentioned above we don’t get paid  unless we book  your cruise!