Almost daily I seem to be countering one or more of these popular beliefs about cruises. ironically it seems the people that have never considered getting on a cruise ship and both believe and foster these myths. So lets get the story straight, here are what I consider several of the top Myths about Cruise vacations. 

Common Cruise Myths

Thinking of an Ocean Cruise, but worried about all of the horror stories you have seen online?

Chances are you won’t even notice you are moving – so probably not. 

The large ocean cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers that keep the ship from rocking to much.  That being said, the ocean is a pretty big body of water and wave can get pretty big, so be sure to take along the sea sickness cure  of choice . Many cruise sites have a ton of time on preventing sea sickness that really can make a difference.

Our Recommendation: Choose a shorter cruise length until you are sure cruise is for you, and select cabins in the middle of the ship where any motion is minimized. 

Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to beat cruising for a value vacation!

When you consider all meals, entertainment, and accommodations are typically included in the base fare, compared to the price of a comparable resort stay and you will nearly always find a cruise to be a better value.  Yes, you do pay for the extras like drinks, spa treatments, specialty restaurants, and excursions. You will find that the pricing of those are on par with a land-based resorts.  In addition, you can often save big by booking off-season or mid-season in the Caribbean, Europe, and Alaska, or our favorite, leveraging group travel to drive down the prices! 

Our Recommendation: Speak with a travel professional  about off peak cruising and group travel. Don’t worry, traveling together does not always mean vacationing together!

While that used to be true, every year the average age of cruises drops dramatically as more and more cruise lines embrace family travelers. 

Cruise lines that embrace families have lavash programs designed to keep all ages safe and active while on board, allowing mom and dad ( or grandparents) the opportunity for a spa treatment or show. 

There are plenty of cruise lines that walk the line between family and adult only though. Most cruise ships set space aside as ‘adult only’. 

Whatever your age, you will not be alone on any cruise ship and the ships.

Our Recommendation: There are some itineraries than lend themselves to an older or younger crowd and some cruise lines that really cater to older crowds.  Speak with a travel professional and make sure the trip and the cruise line is right for you!

Despite the large number of people on board, a little fore knowledge can go a long way to minimizing long lines and crowded rooms. 

The ships are proportioned in size so that there is plenty of room for everyone. Stateroom sizes can vary so there is always a room sized that will work for your needs. 

Even if the weather turns and it drives everyone inside, there are still plenty of spots where you can sit and relax without being elbow to elbow. 

Our Recommendation: Understand when and where the crowds will be and plan accordingly.  For example when first boarding the ship, wait until a little later in the day. The crowds to board the ship thin out and you can nearly just walk on.

An alternative is to look at smaller ships, river cruises or yachting. Each of these option have much fewer people aboard. 

If you are bored on a cruise ship, it’s because you want to be bored.

On any number of ships, you can surf, skydive, rock climb, zipline, ice skate, learn to make cupcakes, splash in pools and water slides, attend Broadway style productions, watch acrobats and magicians, listen to live music, enjoy outdoor movies on the pool deck, drive a simulated Formula 1 race car, buy drinks from a robotic bartender, go bowling, play video games, dance the night away in the disco, enjoy pirate parties (in costume, of course), learn a new language, do a wine tasting, play trivia, gamble in the casino, attend enrichment lectures, sing karaoke– the list goes on and on and that just the stuff to do ONBOARD.

Each port has a multitude of activities to do as well!


Without a doubt  there are lots of places to ship from the moment you get off the ship.

There’s also a lot to do that has nothing to do with shopping. Looking for an active adventure or just a few hours on a pristine beach there is bound to be a place to accommodate you. All the excursions purchased from the ship or  many 3rd party companies, come with a guarantee to get you back to the ship on time! So leave the ship behind for a few hours and sample a few pieces of jerk chicken in Jamaica, immerse yourself in the local culture and if all that is just to much, browse a few local stores and shop for a bit. 

Our Recommendation: Until you are comfortable cruising, stick with either the cruise line provided excursions, or a reputable 3rd party excursions company like Shoretrips.   

That is completely up to you. 

With a wide array of dining options available around the clock — most for free — it’s certainly easy to overindulge.

But if you stick to your normal dining habits (schedule and portion sizes), you’ll have no problem maintaining your weight, even if you do choose to have that second  dessert at dinner.

Many lines have healthy items on their menus for those who are concerned and with notice, can accommodate nearly any dietary needs. 

If you use the stairs instead of the elevators onboard and take an active shore excursion or two while in port, you might even find your clothes a bit looser on your trip home!

Nearly all ocean cruise ships have an onboard fitness center. if you have a workout routine at home, you’ll have no excuse for not maintaining it during your cruise.

Then don’t. 

Cruise ships don’t normally require a formal night attendance (if they even have a formal night). nearly without exception cruise lines have adopted a casual atmosphere where nearly any attire is acceptable. 

Some dining room may require more that your bathing suit, and a few frown on jeans with holes, but overall just be yourself and you will be fine. 

Our Recommendation: Speak with a travel professional and make sure the cruise line your cruising with matches you dress style, whether you dress down, or dress up!

Sunset for the NCL Breakaway
While you will never be alone on a cruise ship, it doesn't have to be crowded.
Buffet does not have to mean bad food choices.

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