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Colorado Cruises for a Cause

A program sponsored by TOTO Vacation to give back to the community. We provide terrific cruises, fill them up with people looking to support a common cause and turn that cruise into fundraiser! 

We calling it Giving Back while Cruising forward!


Who we work with:

While we have the ability to provide Cruise for a Cause with any cruise line, we currently have two preferred providers.

Norweigion Cruise Line

Azamara Club Cruise

How does it work!

We find a cruise, we find a charity. As we book more people that the cruise ship, the charity fundraiser collects more funds.

It starts with a small base amount from the cruise cost being returned to the Fundraiser. Usually between $50 to $100 per cabin booked, however as more people book, higher rewards are returned. Here are some examples* of how a fundraiser might work:

  • The base may get doubled once 10 or more passengers are booked,
  • Once the 16th person is booked, one cruise base fare is added to the fundraiser.
  • Once 20 people are booked, an extra bonus may kick in.

The numbers vary based on the cruise line, the Itinerary and the time of year the cruise is booked, but the basic formula applies, however The more people booked by Colorado – Cruises for a Cause, the bigger the fundraiser!.

* Example is to illustrate how the charity might work and should not be used to gauge how YOUR fundraiser will work. 

How do we select Cruises and our Fundraising recipients?

We don’t, you do!

Want to go on a cruise?  Know some other people  that might want to be on the ship with you and willing to support your fundraiser?  Contact us and we can make it happen!

Current Fundraising Cruises

Cruise Night Group Cruise Ship Cruise Date        Signup
 TBD Colorado Chapter National Hemophilia Foundation Azamara Club Cruise 11-Night London To Stockholm Voyage Amazama Journey Jun 11, 2019 Book Now
 RSVP Private Group NCL 7-Day Alaska with Glacier Bay from Seattle  NCL Pearl July 1, 2018 Book Now


What if I want to cruise, but don’t want to be wrapped up in the ‘group thing’.

No Worries!  All the group activieties are optional with the exception of a saftey meeting at the start of the cruise (and ALL people on the cruise must attend this) Have dinner with the group, or not. Is there a group cocktail party scheduled? Go Swimming instead.

While you may be on the ship with a group to promotoe a cause, it’s your vacation to do what you want!


Can a group schedule group activities?

Absolutely, Get with T.O.T.O. Vacation for details on booking group tours and events.

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