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If  your church group, club or non-profit organization is looking for a different yet fun-filled way to raise money, 
consider a group cruise through TOTO Vacation for your next fundraiser.

Colorado - Cruise for a Cause

TOTO Vacation


No Worries!  All the group activities are optional with the exception of a safety meeting at the start of the cruise (and ALL people on the cruise must attend this) Have dinner with the group, or not. Is there a group cocktail party scheduled? Go Swimming instead. While you may be on the ship with a group to promote a cause, it’s your vacation to do what you want!  

Can we schedule group activities?

Absolutely, Get with T.O.T.O. Vacation for details on booking group tours and events while on the cruise.

Absolutely, Get with T.O.T.O. Vacation for details on booking group tours and events.

We don’t, you do! 

  • You select the cruise.
  • You Select the cause.
  • We will help you fill the group to maximize the fundraiser!

Note: We expect you will be looking for people to join you as well! 

Within a few weeks after the cruise, the cruise line will send a check. Depending on the cruise, it will either be made out to the charity directly, or to T.O.T.O. and we will cut the charity a check. 

Chose a cruise date and time. Once we begin the booking process, and get a group contract with the cruise line. We can outline exactly how the fundraiser will work, and exactly how much is available at each milestone.  

Then you get to enjoy a wonderful cruise, with all the promised perks and amenities! 

In addition, any promised money toward the charity will still be collected and donated!

NCL’s current contract allows you to cancel up to 130 days from the sail date with a full refund!

Any cancelation after that date will result in a penalty, se we recommend travel protection. 


We can do a fundraiser with any number of tours and some all inclusive resorts as well!

In addition to creating an event that sends a little bit of funds to a worthy cause.

  • TOTO Vacation has the opportunity to earn your additional vacation business! 
  • While some of the funds for the fundraiser come out of our commision, we still will make enough to pay our taxes and fees. 

No, these are the same prices you can find online or outside the Cruise for a Cause. 

Once we started our travel business, we realized we had a vehicle we could use to make the world a little better place.

We can a perfect cruise, put groups of people looking to support a common cause and utilizing the cruise lines group amenities, we have a fundraiser!

We can run fundraising groups with as few as 8 people, and can handle hundreds! 

We calling it Giving Back while Cruising forward!

Who do work with?

We often with church groups, clubs and non-profit organizations, but we can also work with a single person who has a cause and willing to bring people together.

The key to a successful fundraiser is letting enough people know about the cruise and the benefit to your cause.

Sending postcards, letters and e-mails are all very effective ways to communicate with potential cruisers in your group.

Need flyers or other collateral materials? No problem! We can even personalize it to help promote the cruise.

What cruise lines can we cruise on?

Honestly, any cruise line you want will have a program that we can create a fundraiser.

However some cruise line have programs in place for fundraising that make it very easy (and very profitable!)

Some of the more popular lines, like Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International  have long histories of fundraiser cruises.

How does it work!

How do we marry a cruise with a charity and make it all work?

After helping you chose the perfect cruise for your cause, it really works much like a crowd-sourcing project: 

The more we book into the group, the better the benefits.

  Here is an EXAMPLE of how it may work for your cruise: 

    • Start with $50/ per booked stateroom  towards the charity
    • Book 5 Staterooms = additional $50 per stateroom towards charity. 
    • Book 8 Staterooms = $1000 goes towards the Charity
    • Every additional 8 Staterooms – $1000 towards the charity

This is an example of how the charity could work as the exact dollar amount and numbers of stateroom requirements change depending on the cruise. There are some privisos, gotchas and finprint we need to discuss, but it really is that easy! 

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