Celestyal Olympia
1148 Guests
540 Crew
Celestyal Crystal
952 Guests
406 Crew

Santorini (Greece)

A different Cruise Concept

Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises is the main home-porting cruise operator in Greece and the preeminent cruise line serving the Greek Islands and East Mediterranean. The company operates two mid-sized vessels, each one cosy enough to provide genuine and highly-personalized services. The foundation of the company’s philosophy is the ‘destination.’ Every cruise focuses on true cultural immersion, offering authentic, lifetime experiences both on board and on shore wherever its vessels sail.

Our Mission

Is to offer our guests an amazing personalized experience where they will live, feel and taste the best each region has to offer through a unique journey of authentic moments! With our medium-size, cozy vessels, we can take you to all the famous destinations in the Greek islands and Eastern Mediterranean. Join us and we promise you an unforgettable journey!

Our Values

What makes it possible to achieve our vision is our adherence to our values. A company is only as good as the values its management and staff embody every day, in every interaction, both with customers and with fellow employees. Our values are simple:

    • Honesty
      We strive for integrity, truthfulness and straight forwardness and we expect our people to act accordingly.
    • Respect
      We expect every member of the Celestyal Cruises family to appreciate his or her coworkers and our guests and to treat each of them with consideration, courtesy and kindness.
    • Teamwork
      We expect every member of staff to work cooperatively with others, both on his or her own team and with all other teams.
    • Trust
      Reliance on integrity and transparency in all dealings. Having confidence and hope. Maintaining confidentiality where needed.

Sailing Locations

  • Greece
  • East Mediterranean
  • Adriatic


  • A Comfortable Stay While onboard
  • Full Onboard Entertainment
  • All Meals Onboard
  • All-inclusive Drink Package
  • Selected Shore Excursions
  • Port, Service Charges & Gratuities Included

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