Ocean Cruises

Sunset over Miami on our first NCL cruise!
Calving ice falling into the ocean

When people talk about cruises they most often are talking about blue water, or ocean cruises.

Typically these cruises are on large ships, that can carry up to a couple thousand passengers from port to port providing opportunities to see something new and exciting everyday.

While not all cruises are ‘Booze’ Cruises, some of them are, or at least they can be! One thing is for sure, no one ever starves on a cruise as there is plenty of food, spread across any number of dining options  and typically can be as formal, or informal as you like. 

Excursions are often paid for activities that highlight the area or country. Many options are available from port to port and they have activities for all walks of life and can be as easy as a bus tour of a city to rock climbing and scuba diving.

Some of the most common itineraries revolve around:

  • Alaska
  • Caribbean /Bahamas / Mexico
  • Mediterranean
  • Trans-Atlantic / Trans-Pacific
  • Hawaii

However if there is a port, chances are there is a cruise ship that visits there! 

If one of these places fits your travel plans, please give me a call and lets see if we can put it together for you!

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Some Cruising Myths:

Cruise ships are Crowded – While cruise ships can carry a lot of people, newer ships have designs that allow for a lot of open space with decks, bars, lounges and restaurants. You won’t find a cruise ship much more crowded than a typical hotel or  resort, and often much less so. 

Cruises are for old people – With new programs orientated towards families and young adults, cruises are not just for old people anymore. The average age of cruisers has steadily declined over the last several years and now, most cruises will host a diverse assortment of ages and people.

I’ll get Seasick –  There are lists and lists of remedies online, and number of pills or patches that can help as well. One thing to know is that cruise ships are large and have systems in place to minimize any bounce or roll. Its designed specifically to help you not get sick. In the center of the ship, especially on lower decks, it’s nearly impossible to feel the ships movement on typical cruise days, and most ships dock daily, meaning the ship is usually only moving from around dinner time to 6:00 am or so.  

Wildlife watchingis one of the many reasons to visit Alaska!
Found this in our stateroom after a fun excursion.
Sunset over the Mediterranean.
Helecopter ride to an Alaskan Glacier
Whale Watching in Alaska
One of the displays at Pompeii

While we can book any cruise, these are some of our preferred vendors. They are routinely able to provide us better pricing, additional amenities / support that are not always available outside Travel Leaders affiliates!  Contact TOTO Vacation today to see what we can do for your next cruise!

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