Adventure With Me - Travel Club

The absolute best way to ensure you get the best possible deal when traveling is to travel through group travel deals. 

Groups get better pricing, Better amenities and better support than single travelers EVERYTIME.  However the issue is always the same, you and your partner want to travel but don’t have 14 other people to travel with, and really don’t want to be bogged down with ‘having to ‘travel’ with others.

This where ‘Adventure With Me‘ comes into play.  You post the travel you want to the Club, and gather other people to take the same adventure you do and then TOTO Vacation books the trip as a group! TOTO vacation will do the work, you get the benefits! It’s that easy.  

You get the best possible travel options, your not obligated to spend time with anyone else in the group ( although you can if you wish) and everyone comes home with terrific travel stories!

Sponsored by T.O.T.O. Vacation, Any Adventure with Me trips organized by TOTO Vacation will stay true to our specialization, Cruises and Ireland. However, any member can launch a Adventure with Me trip that goes anywhere! We will still do all the work, you still get all the benefits!

Joining Adventure with Me.

Free Membership  – Currently it is free to join Adventure with Me! 

Benefits of Joining

So you have done your homework , know where you want to go, what you want to do, and have found a great price.  What’s the benefit of  joining the Club?

Let’s give an example: 

You decide to go on a cruise, 7 Day Norwegian Cruise line  Alaska Cruise. You found an inside cabin at a great price , just for argument’s sake let’s say it’s $1250 each, and that includes port fees and taxes.

By booking this same trip as a group however, TOTO Vacation can leverage the group amenities to include gratuities ( over $160 per person on a 7 day cruise) and the Beverage Package for the same price by promising to fill 7 staterooms on the trip. In addition, because of the deal TOTO Vacation can get on the group price, We offer each stateroom booked a $50 credit above and beyond anything else we negotiate. Now that we have the details of the group, we post the trip to the travel club and find enough people to fill 6 more staterooms.  If we fill the staterooms, you get the benefits of the group travel, and if we don’t, well you still get to go on the trip at the same price you were already willing to pay! That’s called a WIN-WIN situation!

Who offers Group packages? Hotels, Cruises, Tours, Excursions even airfare offers some benefits to group travel!

How Adventure with Me will succeed

Frankly this is a numbers game, the more people we have the in club, the better the chance we have of filling a group! So join the group (FOR FREE!) then get your friends to join (FOR FREE!)