Whats your story?

Welcome to T.O.T.O. Vacation.

Ok, You were expecting a little dog and a yellow brick road, so what does T.O.T.O. stand for?

It's our belief that the best part of a vacation are the stories you get to tell.

---- Remember when the bear chased us out of the campground?
---- Then the the taxi driver starts dropping F bombs in this deep Irish accent.. We have this new city planner and he F%@*$^$ hates cars I tell ya...
---- We got to swim with dolphins and it was AWESOME...their skin is soooo soft...
---- Then she grabbed my arm, hard, almost painful, because this huge humpback whale breached, shooting it's entire body out of the water. Did she get a picture of the whale with the brand new new camera she was holding? No, because she was too busy breaking my arm going ohhh.. ohhhh. ohhhh...

We are sure you have a few like this as well, so we named our vacation business T.O.T.O. Vacation or 'This One Time On Vacation'.

We feel we are more than just a Travel Agency, we are Storysmiths, and our mission is to help craft your vacation stories one trip at a time.

So how can we, help you find your next great story? Contact us and we can Storyboard your next vacation ideas.

Why Book with Us

Have you spent time trying to book with those online booking tools? A LOT of time? Just want to ask a simple question?

Reach out to us, you should not have to EARN a vacation, booking your vacation.

100% Customizable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you bring home terrific stories!

Middle-man Free Pricing

We're a local travel agency. When you book with us, you get best possible price, which is middle-man free.

Endless Sales Emails

Sign up at one of those online booking sites, and receive daily emails about places you have NO interest in? Once we talk and understand where you want to travel to, you will only receive emails occasionally about the places you really want to see.

No Hard Sales pitch

We just dont believe a hard sales pitch is needed. finding you the right destination, and the right price is our sales pitch.

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